Hello! After leaving Spotify in 2016 (alongside my last startup, The Echo Nest), I started a new company in May 2017 with the goal of building a better prediction engine for recommendations, targeting, news, and suggestions that has privacy as its first principle. This is something I care deeply about. There's already some amazing people involved.

It's clearer every day that we need to re-consider how we implement these fundamental similarity functions on the internet: so many decisions are made without careful introspection and too much personal data is flowing the wrong way.

We will have a lot more to share in a few months, but for now, I'm looking for like-minded people to work with as we build a first proof of concept.

We are doing things a bit differently: please keep in mind that many usual startup things like roles & titles, names or product plans won't be in place yet. We are first confirming we can build something meaningful before we get on the roller coaster. For the right person, that should be exciting!

---Brian Whitman


Last updated January 11 2018

All jobs listed are currently contracting positions -- it can be part or full-time help and while you are welcome to work from our office in DUMBO, Brooklyn NY, work can be done from anywhere. Please contact us at info@variogram.com for more details.

Back end developer (contract)

You are a data focused engineer who thinks in and can manage scale in the billions of rows. You're familiar with cloud compute platforms. You know or could get up to speed on GPU and FPGA compute.

Operations (contract)

You are interested in privacy and personalization. You are willing to help a very small team draft strategy, lightly manage the progress, talk to potential customers and employees, and take charge of the corporation.

Machine learning developer (contract)

You are familiar with current ML models and frameworks and can develop for distributed training and evaluation. You have experience or insight into topic modeling, supervised learning, and scalable modern ML. You're excited about privacy and recommendation, and would be delighted to work with other scientists in the field.

Mobile (iOS or Android) developer (contract)

You are a mobile developer familiar with the iOS and/or Android platforms that can help us build various internal facing tools and machine learning frameworks (on-device.) You are either familiar with or willing to get up to speed on embedded math libraries, and understand the hardware features and limitations of mobile devices.

The Variogram Corporation | P.O. Box 220253, Brooklyn NY 11222 | info@variogram.com